الأربعاء، 17 مارس 2010

i had a friend

Realationships is one of the things that people cant live with out it cosidered as a pound of that join us togther to share our feelings to help us in need to enjoy our happy moments >>sadly this kind of humun feelings started to be all for a purpose >>i be a friend to A so she can help me to this or that its now not as pure as it was >> my mother still telling me that untill now she feels that her friends as a soul mates she feels happier when she sees them or call and have thare breakfast or even just a coffee>
im NOT really likey with best friends i dont know why i had friends but not close to me
she was my best friend we share thoghts ideas study togther and even shop togther .i knew every single member of her family starting from her mother till her grand mother the diffrences between us is i am taller than her >but i didnt feel a single day that there is something in her heart of me
After we graduted from collage she got marriied anf invited me as if i was any othe r girl i wasnt upset then i say mybe she was cnfused when i attend the weeding she didnt evn smile to me or have a photo of me as she had a message to me "WHAT THE HELL U ARE DOING HERE I DONT WANT U HERE !!
even after all of that i tried to know why untill this moment i dont know why
i honstly loved her and cared about her
WHY I really want to know why
!!did i do something wrong ??or she has something in her heart she didnt tell anyboady about
althoght she didnt speak to anyone too
Did anyone have suggestions about what happen why do people ignor others and neglict them for no reaseon do anyboady have simlliar stories i really would like to know

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